to corporate daytraders or to independent with tight pockets...

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  1. what is the biggest position size of QQQQ you've ever DAYtraded? I know the answer will depend on your method but still...

    where is that line (in terms of liquidity and quick execution) behind which daytrading QQQQ becomes a pain in the ...?

    appreciate you replies...
  2. forget the Q's

    NQ is so much better you can trade futures pretty much round the clock
  3. Dont try to trade more than 500k QQQQ in one print.

    I know you'll have to cut your usual size, but thems the breaks.
  4. Personally I don't trade more than 10K shares. But I'm just a little guy.:)
  5. Yeah, well the last time I traded 1 million QQQQ I moved it 3 cents. Didn't like that,
  6. to Passwive Pete:

    10K is very nice for a "little guy" :)

    to stock777: thanx

    to Kicking: NQ is on the list. thanx anyway!

    to everyone:

    what are the problems I might come across trading 200K sizes using arcaex. I currently trade 2K - 5K sizes, use market orders only and do not route away from arcaex..
    times might change for me and I might be going bigger soon, so I am a little bit worried... just wanted to hear from someone about fills at 200K levels - some specific problems or it's all the same?

    how the hell do I use ET Code in my postings? where are the buttons? :)
  7. - Yeah, well the last time I traded 1 million QQQQ I moved it 3 cents. Didn't like that, -

    Jesus Christ!!!


    looks like 200K is no problem then...
  8. first off, you would definitely need to start routing then. Secondly, the size on particular levels depend for a large part on how the QQQQ compares to the NQ. If the NQ's bid is "higher" than the QQQQ's bid, expect big (several 100k) size on the QQQQ's bid. If the price of QQQQ is unfavorable, or markets are volatile, expect to have a few cents slippage on marketorders, even with routing enabled, and market orders are generally not a good idea.

    personally i might have did 10k at some time on the QQQQ's and i have seen people doing bigger than that (several 10ks without much problem), but i am just a small fish anyway.
  9. try 400 lots of es but in pieces of 50/each.
  10. to trade4success:
    yep... thought about routing too :) , slippage - can never escape from it... thanx for NQ vs QQQQ hint

    to bladerunner:
    I dont trade futures yet and regret it :) thanx anyway
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