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  1. Great series!

    I've been a little fan of your article in "In the Spotlight"

    Even though the content itself wasn't new, it has been a great mind refresher.

    I feel some don't recognize or don't give you enough recognition for your contribution.

    Thanks again... just wondering if you ever post in ET... or further more get to read this... hmmm...

    It's also unfortunate that I don't like Tradestation so much...
  2. I totally agree with you WD.

    I've paid $50 bucks for trading books with less valuable information. And it's all here free.

  3. ===========================

    Good points on the weekly chart ,mr. Charlie & IBM example.
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    What series are you talking about?

    Charlie Wright's "Trading as a Business" is one of the best trading books written.
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    Let me also add my appreciation for an excellent contribution. Thanks Charlie!!! :)
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    Your book is excellent. Bravo!
  7. I appreciate your nice comments on the book. I have always thought solid concepts should be easy to understand and also should stand the test of time.
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    I found some wonderful new (to me!) distinctions in your book on trading as a business.

    I really appreciate you making it available for free. Thanks!

  10. Joe


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    Attention: Charlie Wright


    Firstly, I'd like to congratulate you on your excellent series of articles
    under 'Trading as a Business'.

    Secondly, I only recently purchased Metastock and I'm (very) slowly coming
    to grips with it. One question, will I be able to follow your 'course' in a
    Metastock 'environment' ?

    Thank you in anticipation

    Gordon McNeil
    #10     May 24, 2005