to buy stocks, have to know which one is the best?

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  1. I see stocks which checked new lows in friday and didn't have big moves. These stocks, which had big moves at friday as ex. LNC, HIG may be better don't touch on opening. Such stocks will give pullback down when it opened but us market break out monthly high and it will add more power for some stocks, and financial and comodity stocks may rise more and more.
  2. I see flr ag cf mee fcl to strong buy during this day.
  3. i make 1090 - buy flr 900 at 49.90
    pii buy 28.30 600 shares and get 500$
    agu i buy 1500 at 25.70 and cover position at 26
  4. Buy Devry (DV) at 55. 30 when it pull down and lose 600. fck
    now i hold agu 2500 at 26.19 long. I need market pull up.
  5. what's the best stock today?
    big news UPS FDX, NUE as usual downside guides, somebody sees CNW as playing on FDX news. DOW TRansport will fall about 2%. TRansportation worse not so much as all market and this sector has room to go down, but bulls could make bottom pick.
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    I like the coal ETF KOL here as well as oil which I think is poised to break its down trend, stop below the low is a low risk trade. KOL could be back in the 20s by the spring.
  7. What do you think about testing 3-5 dollar levels.
  8. goog aapl ma v bidu fslr kol ewz fxi rimm