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    I have always bought off the shelf computers, or what’s euphemistically called “build your own” computer. I am now ready to really build my own computer. I have researched the component parts and read up on various websites and bought a couple of books. The whole process should take approximately 4 hours. I would be interested in hearing what experiences others have had in this endeavor?
  2. I tell people to buy the basic dell p4 2.8 and upgrade it on your own. They use to have deals for 300 on it.
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    It's really easy. A lot better than those HP setups :D

    Search internet forums/google for any hardware conflicts between hardware devices. Eg. motherboard and graphics card, sometimes they just won't like each other.
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    I done that on 2 rigs... ended with about $500 in each, including video cards for 4 monitors, TV tuner, 1GB RAM, 2nd HD.
  5. we had to build a cpu in a class i took in college. You're right it takes about four hours.

    I don't really see the advantage in stuff like this. As inexpensive(compared to a few years ago) as CPUs have become, it may be more costly to build your own.

    Remember this big companies order in bulk, so it really drives down the cost. Add to this that the OS is pratically given to you just for ordering, you might want to consider this option.
  6. Building PC's is easy nowadays. Even if your completely new, a few guides online can get you set-up.

    All you need is a screwdriver.

    An ATX case
    ATX motherboard
    CPU of same chipset of the motherboard
    Memory that is compatable with the mobo
    Graphics card that fits in the correct slot
    Hard drives for space
    Input devices you need
    Any cooling fans or systfem that you need, default that came with case and cpu will probably be fine.

    Hook it all together, most connectors plug in or you can figure it out.

    The most confusing part with the first computer I ever built, was how to turn the power on, I just had to figure out where to plug the power switch to the moterhboard, a quick reference to the manual and I had it, everything set-up correctly. is best place to buy parts.

    Just make sure everything is compatable and it isn't that hard at all.


    4 hours to build a computer?


    My first shot at building a computer from scratch took maybe 30 - 45 minutes.

    My only previous experience with building a computer before my first try, was nothing, I just opened up another computer that I bought a long time ago and looked at where everything plugged in at and used it as reference, and it was a snap.

    It isn't hard. Just requires some patience and research to make sure your getting a good deal and you can customize it 100%

    I'm looking forward to the future when we will be able to build laptops.
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    quote from ImamicPH
    I don't really see the advantage in stuff like this. As inexpensive (compared to a few years ago) as CPUs have become, it may be more costly to build your own.

    I have a Dell desktop, Toshiba laptop and custom P4 640 unit built locally. Of the three the custom built unit is the best (all name brand parts Asus, Antec, Seaquest etc). However, all pain in the ass to get warranty work on. Toshiba has nearby plant and probably the best warranty service - OK it's real easy to transport a 7lb laptop. but an ATX Antec metal tower! I agree its initially cheaper to get off the shelf, but you haven't a clue what they are putting inside until you open up the case. Had a problem with the Dell unit which required shipping back the whole system - got back another system someone else sent back and was repaired etc.
    The custom unit arrived with a number of glitches that required downloading a new BIOS. I don't anybody who has a computer without some problem or other. If its hardware related its nice to be able to go in and pull the offending piece out. How about cleaning the system - my Dell was so bunged up with dust it started hyperventilating had to go in and clean out, then the floppy stopped working. I guess the point I'm making is its more than useful to know your way round the computer. Sure if you work for a Corp. just call IT let them fix it, issue a new unit whatever. Also, I found my Dell came with a lot of garbage software and built in update requests. The OS was forced and I had to completely reinstall the thing.....But I hear what you are saying.
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    Next time, get your computer at Best Buy... for a fee, they won't install the software bloat.
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    Quote from JMowery1987

    Building PC's is easy nowadays.

    Thanks you make it sound easy!
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    Doesn't that seem like complete BS? Haha you have to buy a computer and then pay for them to not install all their useless garbage ... gotta love it!
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