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  1. Hello guys, this is a posting for remote traders... I am a remote trader who's been tryin to figure out if I should go join a prop office or to go remote. Been trading for a while now and want to get an overall opinion of the remote trading options. I had experience with generic. Some questions are, what platforms some of you guys use, which ones are good, which ones suck. What shops give u good (no hold) tech support to get u out when dsl goes down etc... Any info would be greatly appreciated by me and also by any other remote trader who is looking for a home.

    I been trying to get a group of remote traders so that we can "band" together but seems these days alot of prop shops are giving such low commissions it really doesn't matter any more. Nevertheless any remote trader who is in the same boat as me, pm me, lets pick each others head, maybe we can group up.

    Some questions: how is echotrader platform for executions? Does assent have conversions? What shops cover your losses when the system goes down? Which shops have great tech support? Which shops are not so hot for remote? Anybody do a realtime test on execution speeds between remote and office t1 setting? For example lets say a test between executions at a assent office , compared to a remote trader usin dsl on the same assent platform..

    thanks guys.
  2. I too have tried Generic but I felt there was a lag in their executions for listed stocks. Nasdaq stock was really quick.

    Can anyone comment on the speed of execution of remote (dsl) vs office (t1 line)?
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  4. I have COMCAST CABLE at 3440 kbps. from my home office.

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    I trade remote through assent. Used to trade in the office and now trading remote, I can't tell much difference in execution speed. Just have a Roadrunner cable connection. The only bad thing I've found is getting good tech support can sometimes be more difficult not being in the office.
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    nothing beats a real trading desk with at least 25 people all working hard every day :cool:
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    Would love to find a prop desk like that.
  8. I trade remote in Generic (mostly listed)...I never feel any lag ... I think its a question of how you are connected. ..I have Optimum online cable..which is even faster than T1.
  9. i got optimum cable too. i have not had any problems with it at all.
  10. I guess you have never had to duck because of flying keyboards or wear headphones because the guy next to you wont shut TFU about how good or bad he is doing on the day or watch the same loser punch a $1000 21 inch flat panel monitor and break it wide open...OR (the list goes on and on)....But whatever makes you happy :D
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