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  1. on the monthly, this looks like a simple pullback, bull market in tact. Dow 14K by end of 2013.
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    And that will lead to a crash in gold on the way.
  3. If we finish above 1180 ES, 11300 Dow by tomorrow's close then I'll put my bull hat back on.
  4. NQ looks like this.

    Lower High, Lower High, Lower High, Lower High, Breach, Lower High, Breach.... next is higher low? Breach Lower?

    It all looks like weakness to me, and ES made a lower high today while NQ breached. These are still negative signals and we could go lower.
  5. All these are irrelevant at this point. The fact of the matter is that gains of one year are erased in roughly 12 days making fortunes for those that setup and execute the black swans without ever getting punished. The public is losing their confidence in the markets. Recall the flash crash. If this continuous it will be the end of capitalism with grave consequences for the West. It appears that those who should be regulating the markets are unable for some reason to enforce a plain level field.

  6. Right, a group of secretive traders with trillions in trading power call eachother up and plan this all out. wtf are you talking about.
  7. One of the more rational posts on this board as of late. This price action is a carbon copy of 07-08, no matter how much the perma-bulls try to spin it. The market gaining and losing more than 5-8% intra-day is a symptom of a market once again losing its "liquidity". All of the algo's that bid and offer shares back to one another has created such unfounded complacency, the second that they pullback we can see that these markets are a hollow shell.
  8. that may be true in terms of liquidity but what does it have anything to do with this idiotic comment???

    "making fortunes for those that setup and execute the black swans without ever getting punished"
  9. Does your mom know you use such language in forums?
  10. Yes you fool. Since when Belgium has a better rating than US? Belgium has been unable to form a government for the last 2 years yet it was never downgraded. You fool, the primary reason stated for the downgrade was political instability. They confuse democratic procedures for instability. Nobody is talking about that. And fools like you believe it. They just setup a black swan and a few people profited from it big time.
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