To be fair, men should pay higher price due to unequal pay for men and women! Right?

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  1. To be fair, men should pay higher price due to unequal pay for men and women! Right?

    Cafe owner Alex O’Brien, left, said she wanted to highlight the issue of unequal pay for men and women.

  2. That's just stupid. It's been established through various studies that women simply don't negotiate pay as well as men. To "fix" this problem women need to be taught to be assertive from an early age and society needs to learn that it's OK for women to be assertive.
    All these artificial tricks like legislating equal pay are absurd and don't address the underlying problem.
  3. I just think most parents when cutting a cake would try to distribute equal share to individual children, disregarding a girl or a boy.

    Should be same principle for applying any law to individuals. Including Kings and Queens!
  4. A.
    I think this area is a fairly complicate issue. Seems not easy nor simple to find absolute clear-cut answer.

    He should be free to present his own views, provided his employer's public and commercial interest would not be adversely affected in any possible ways due to his personal opinions, imo.


    What if the business owner employing him were the founder's daughter?

    What if the business founder and owner employing him were a female?

    What if the business founder employing him were a disabled person, male or female? Like



    Even if all his colleagues were males in his workplace smarter than him, he might still have strong opinions against any one of his colleagues. For such as colour of clothes, hair style, shape of hat, etc.



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  5. BTW, perhaps he should appreciate if some of his colleagues are beautiful females, just ignoring whatever pay scale for his female colleagues.

    As he might should have quit his previous job much earlier in order to start his own business to make a better and bigger business than his previous employer.

    However, in order to attract more business from many of the females around the globe, he would still employ many female staff to balance the gender diversity in his own company, disregarding many of his personal opinions currently made.

    And if he would most likely handle any similar cases with very similar approach by firing a male staff in order to protect his business goodwill and profitability. Otherwise, he might lose gradually too many female clients/customers - Very bad news.

    Just 2 cents.