To be clear : Jews are not a religious group, they're an ethnic group

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oktiri, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. so that you don't get confused
    There is nothing wrong with that. Some Jews believe in God, some not. the main thing is if your mom is Jewish, you're Jewish. PERDIOD
  2. if you convert to Judaism you are a jew too.

    Oh and so that you don't get confused, if you are not a jew but are obsessed with jews - chances are you're an anti-semite.

  3. Very very few. almost unheard of, if not for the wives of rich prominent Jews. There is no proper conversion process as it exists in other faiths. compare converting to Christianity with that "process."

    Regardless, you can be a Jew without believing in Gos, that's what makes it so "ethnic" so it's more like a tribe than a religion, A religion seeks to expands and enlighten people. Judaism keeps to itself.

    N.B : Anti-semite, jewhaters insults won't work......try again.
  4. Depends on what type of demonination they are trying to convert into.

    Converting into some type of very conservative Orthodox denomination is completely different than converting into a denomination such as Reform Judasim.

    The conservative Orthodox Jews don't acknowledge the reform jews as religious so you can see the difference...
  5. Right, in fact, they don't acknoweldge them at all, try to immigrate to Israel (Aaliah) with a reform certificiate, you'll be laughed at
    If you convert to Reform judaism, it doesn't count, you'll never be accepted. if your mom is of jewish descent and you're an atheist, you're a Jew.
    I'm just saying, it's an ethnic group.
  6. Thank you Dr. Oktiri, professor of Judaica at Oxford University, for that very acute observation!

    I didn't know that you can be a Jew without believing in Gos.

    I thought it was a requirement for all Jews to believe in the Ubuntu-based Linux distribution created by Good OS LLC or Gos.