To be a winner, do like winners: winners don't trade!

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by crgarcia, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Winners like Warren Buffet, George Soros don't trade, they INVEST.

    If you insist on doing like losers do (most traders lose), you'll end up being a loser.
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    Warren Buffet had the benefit of a cash cow insurance company and the american economy. We'll see how he does going forward with this new economy as an investor.
  3. Buffy invested his credibility in Barry because he thought Barry be the second coming of his divine FDR.

    It will take some time to see where that gets the Oracle of Omaha.

    Right now Barry be surfing the last big wave the MSM can muster before it fade into the ash heap of history prepared for it by this new milennium.

    For those who thought the Betamax and the eight track would never fade away, then by all means buy and hold and bet on Buffy and Barry to make you shamefully rich in this new milennium.
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    So go invest. Why are you on the ET boards trying to stir up crap?
  5. Jim Rogers: Buy commodities, go to the beach and sell in 2020.
  6. they should rename this site as
  7. trading is your 9-5 job that offers you an income to INVEST and make BIG money.

    But yeah, if you can't trade you can't trade. At some point you have to admit that to yourself, and find a new job.
  8. +1, exactly. crgarcia tried trading, failed, and is now trolling message boards telling other people they can't trade either. He doesn't want to think about the fact that there are lots of well known long-term successful traders out there. That would mean that he would have to face up to the fact that he failed.

    Most humans tend to look outside of themselves to explain the outcomes in their lives. In trading, this is the kiss of death (goddamn broker, goddamn specialist, goddamn floor traders, goddamn data feed, goddamn manipulation, goddamn stop hunters). That's why the old '90% of traders fail' thing is true. It just reflects the numbers in the general population.
  9. Lots?
    Then show me one?

    Let's see their account statements (5 year+). Let's audit them.
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