To be a great trader you must think like a "pro dealer."

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  1. A professional high paid blackjack dealer at a casino doesn't just manually follow the odds and make the same high odds moves continually... And take peoples money in a slow steady way working with the odds on his/her side and only making the highest odds moves.

    No sir... A really skilled dealer will assess the skill level of the players at his/her table. If they are amateurs he/she will then lower her odds by making slightly incorrect moves at first allowing the players who have come to the table to win a little. That allows them to start getting into the game.

    Once they are really into the game he/she will then shift the odds in his/her favor fully and steadily take their money. At this point after they have a taste of winning their emotions are compromised and they will go get more chips again and again to try to get that taste of winning again.

    The market trade cycle is really similar. You ever wonder why the market prefers to trend for 3-5 candles, or 3-5 days or more in a direction before reversing? To really suck people in you have to let them win a little... Once they get a taste of winning and start going all in then the rug can be pulled.

    I have seen some really shitty dealers... That just take peoples money straight out of the gate playing with the highest odds and the players leave the casino pissed off... The good dealers will suck people in by adding in a few intentional mistakes at first to give people a few wins before they start taking people down. If people are losing too bad it's also good to lower the odds in the houses favor for a few rounds to make sure they get a couple wins to keep them playing longer.

    There is a art to manipulating peoples emotions to really suck them into blowing a lot of money.

    Penny stock scams, etc... It's all the same thing... Give them a little taste... Get them coming in and seeing the green... Then at a set point... Pull the rug! BLAM!

    This is what people don't get about daytrading... Most movements are generally just pure "game" with nothing solid behind them... If internals and the $Tick are clocking behind a move then it can "stick" better and retrace less.

    Trading is kinda funny because 5% are the house and 95% are the players...
  2. Umm, have you ever been in a Las Vegas casino for a minute or two? The dealers follow the rules of the game without exception.
  3. No they don't. I have been to shady indian casino's out west and observed dealers changing the odds and making slightly incorrect moves intentionally.

    Well, not sure they were doing it intentionally... But in places they were not counting their cards right. And it was especially this one guy dealer that my friends were at a table with. They were idiots and didn't know how to play. When they switched in this female dealer she played straight and took all their money within minutes...

    Previously they were winning 50/50 with the guy for half an hour then starting to slowly lose money.

    Sent them straight from a around 45% win rate to a 25% win rate with the dealer switch... LoL...

    It doesn't matter if they were playing people intentionally or not. That is the correct strategy for manipulating peoples emotions. Allow them to win a little... Suck them in, then pull the rug.
  4. The bottom line is... If you want to truly understand the market patterns you must understand the gamblers physiology.

    A lot of people just don't "get it" when it comes to why the market is sequenced. There is specific reasons behind it.

    This thread is to help those who want to "understand".
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    The rules the dealer follows are printed on the fucking table.
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