To Baron and Moderators and Book DELETIONS!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Sterling, Apr 5, 2002.

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    if your "gut" is doing the thinking, what is your brain doing?
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    i think i see some woodworm!

    the great thing about having your own business is that you can decide how to run it yourself - the downside is that everyone knows better - and a worse downside is that they might be right sometimes!
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  3. Thank's faster!
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  4. Baron

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    In this case, I was wrong and those members who brought this up were right. As I indicated earlier, the reason those books got deleted is because they were no longer available from Trader's Library, which caused the "Buy It Now" links for those books to be worthless. Where I screwed up was not checking other stores like Amazon to verify that the book was indeed not available anymore. Historically, Trader's Library has had a very broad selection of trading books, and so I assumed that if a book wasn't available at Trader's Library, it didn't exist any where else. That was obviously a mistake and I apologize to those members whose reviews got deleted.

    The good news is that I was able to restore those reviews from a recent database backup so nothing has been lost. Thank you to Sterling for originally bringing this issue to my attention.
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  5. TonyOz


    Yes this used to be the case but not anymore.

    I think you better change the links to all my books as well :(

    Traders Library claims that my books are not available from the publisher when they are indeed available! It is just that Traders Library is not willing to buy the books on the same terms the publisher wants. Consequently, they do not stock the books anymore.

    Looks like M. Gordon is in the same boat which makes it unfortunate for the consumer, because Traders Library used to offer good discounts on those books.

    As to my books, please feel free to link to amazon or to Traders Press. If you wish, I can have Eric send you affiliate links to our own Yahoo online store located at

    Have a great weekend


    PS: Stock Trading Wizard is sold out, but a newer version is being edited right now and should be out in 90 days or so.
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