To Baron and Moderators and Book DELETIONS!!!!!!!

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  1. I tried to bring this up in a politicially correct way before, but i got no response. So lets try again. I noticed that three books have been deleted from the book reviews. These books are as follows: Jeff Cooopers Hit and Run Trading
    Jeff Cooper Hit and Run Trading VOL 2
    Dave Landry on Swing Trading

    Vol 2 and Dave Landry books were probably some of the best books on Elite Trader list but these were deleted to add the horrible books by David Nassar.

    I would like some comment from either Baron or Moderators why these books were deleted??

  2. do you receive royalties from the sale of these books?

  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    On March 16th, you sent me an email about this subject, and I sent you a reply but it got kicked back to me as being undeliverable because it appears that you entered your email address wrong when you typed it into the feedback form on this site (you left the number "2" out of it).

    Anyway, this is what I wrote:

    "Those particular books (and the reviews of them) were deleted from the book review system because they are no longer available from the publisher according to our book partner, From what I've been told, many of the older trading books are being phased out since the market has moved to decimalization."

  4. Thanks for getting back to me Baron.

    I took a quick look at other book sellers and Jeff Coopers book are still available. The Dave Landry book is practically brand new. The only online bookstore that cant get these it seems is traderslibrary. By the way, according to traders library the Laurence Connors book Street Smarts is unavailable to them now too. Does that mean your gonna delete the last of the decent books on the Elite Traders list. Your not doing any newbie traders a favor by deleting these types of books and replacing them with David Nassars. I think you ought to do the fair thing and delete the entire book review section.

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  5. Dear Pussycat

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  6. Baron

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    I was told today that does not sell any books from M.Gordon Publishing.

    The person I spoke to indicated that Trader's Libary would carry those books if they could. Evidently, M. Gordon Publishing doesn't want Trader's Library selling their books for whatever reason.

    We aren't going to have books in our book review system that aren't even available for purchase from Trader's Library, our book partner. They don't carry the books in question, so we don't have those books in the book reviews any longer.

    I just want to make it clear that this was never an issue of us wanting those particular books removed just so we could put books from David Nassar in there. That's silly. We would make a lot more in commissions from the M. Gordon books if they were available because they are so expensive.
  7. tymjr


    Baron: “We aren't going to have books in our book review system that aren't even available for purchase from Trader's Library, our book partner.”

    Why, considering there are an enormous number of software vendors and brokerage houses in their respective review sections that have no affiliation with Elite Trader and therefore do not qualify as “partners” in terms of goods or services and yet they are offered here for review.

    Though I’m not familiar with the books in question, I imagine that Sterling is correct in stating that removing reviews of any book would only be a disservice to new traders coming here with the intention of seeking a variety of unbiased or, more correctly, balanced information sources.
  8. David I

    David I

    I think a good book review should stand on it's own and should be independent of whether any one book vendor carries that book or not. There are many book vendors and even for out of print books there are vendors that will work to obtain a book you want from the used marketplace. If a book on trading exists and someone has taken the time to write a decent review of it then let the readers be the judge of whether they want to pursue finding the book and getting their own copy or to pass on it. If there's a concern about the 'age' of a review and whether the material is still relevant then date the reviews or order the reviews by the date the book was published. If you hold your standard to whether this one vendor carries a book or not then you've become dependent on what decisions they make (or business relationships they can or can't make with publishers.) Should readers of this service be denied reading a good book review on possibly a valuable book just because this one book vendor couldn't make a business relationship work with that publisher to sell that book? My list of trading books that I have considered, reviewed, bought, or decided not to buy, or are on my list to buy someday total 86 entries. When it comes time for me to consider another book or to reconsider one that's on my list I seek out reviews wherever I can find them. It would make sense to me that this site would grow the number of reviews over time. It would also seem reasonable to order older/newer books or reviews. But it doesn't make sense to me that a published book review be removed. I don't judge the value of a book by whether one particular vendor can get it or not.

    My opinion - for what it's worth.
  9. hrifraf


    I agree wholeheartedly with the views that David I so eloquently expressed.

    I feel that there is one more point that should be made. That is, that the value of this web site comes from the information disseminated by the sites' USERS. This is the value that allows the site's owners to charge money for advertising. This is a win-win situation, as there is real value here for the users, the advertisers and the owners. Any move which restricts relevant and useful information from the site hurts all parties. The users lose out, they grumble, then they stop coming as often - the advertisers lose out, then they stop coming as often... You get the picture. It would be short-sighted to allow one advertiser to dictate policies that would be detrimental to the site's users, as it would ultimately be detrimental to themselves as well.

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