To all who read this, know the truth!

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  1. To all who read this;

    Do not listen to these zionist liars who hate that the people arte chosing a leadership that is not a dictator and is not an israeli puppet.

    Egypt is good!

    There was some looting carried by the "Former" regime’s secret police.

    As we are speaking,

    - each neighbourhood has created its own protection committee in absence of the police.
    - each commercial or national installation is being protected by similar committees
    - People are lining up across all of Egypt's hospitals to donate blood for the injured at the hand of the former regime’s criminals
    - The uprising was carried by liberal, nationalists and Leftists grass root movements.
    - Brotherhood Muslims are nowhere to be found and if they are in these mass demonstrations, they are hidden
    - the people and the army are in control of the situation and the government is in hiding
    - opposition are talking of a transitional government to include every race, religious, political and ideological group for the purpose of amending the constitution and for calling for a new national elections.

    The Egyptian and Tunisian people's civility came as a shock to the zionists and those who wish for this pride bug not to spread to other dictatorship.
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  3. Why don't you act on that fantasy HOMO the coward?
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    Very well.

    I looked it up. Acetate will definitely remove that urine stain from your auntie's forehead. Then maybe you could stop your jihad against me. Now, the collateral damage that occured when the urine was deflected from her forehead onto your family Quran is another matter. That problem is more difficult.

    I know a guy in florida who, for a fee, disposes of damaged, soiled and defiled Qurans in a respectful and honorable manner. The genius of his business plan is really somthing, he uses the qurans in his commericial bacon smoking operation and then sells the product on the internet as "Genuine Koran Smoked Bacon".

    Good Bless free enterprise.

    So, that should settle things between us, right? :) No hard feelings here whatsoever. We good?
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    <p><a href="">
    <img border="0" alt="Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11" src=""> </a></p>
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    Do you think he is the banned poster homo/ph0x?

  7. I'm a Zionist (and I also doubt you even know what that word actually means) and I'm telling you that if Egyptians want a free and democratic government with no ambitions to attack Israel, then <b>we are 100% fine with that.</b> No matter who winds up leading Egypt tomorrow, Israel will only extend its hand in friendship and hope the sentiment is reciprocated. Salaam.

    P.S. Put a bunch of bloodthirsty Islamaniacs in charge who don't respect national borders, and we'll fuck you up!
  8. There was a time in the 70s when the Arabs were all threats and you were the quite ones. The louder we got, the harder you beat us, the harder we ranted about kicking the Israeli's ass, the harder our asses were handed to us.

    You see where am going with this? A band of highly disciplined fighters in Southern Lebanon sent your Gevati soldiers screaming eema from their burning tanks. Some modesty please.
  9. Are you referring to those brave Hezbollah soldiers who hid behind women and children. The only reason Lebanon was not leveled like a parking lot was because Israel cared more about Lebanese civilians than Hezbollah did.

    Oh the humiliation.
  10. Nazi Germany accused the Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto of hiding behind women and children. How history repeat itself and how victims become criminals.
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