to all who are winning in trading the markets.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mercante, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. mercante


    There is one fact in trading the markets:

    For every bug somebody wins another one has to lose 1.1. 10 cents for brokers.

    So when you are winning in trading the markets you have the obligation to bring in suckers that lose 110% of the money you win.

    So please do not help other peoples to succeed and send out "Market Wizard" Books to rich people such as lawyers dentists and so on and hope that they open tomorrow
    a trading account.

    I'm not kidding I'm very serious about this topic and if you think about you will understand why.
  2. This is a fairly ballsy for a first post.

    I look forward to reading the replies of other members.

    I do hope that you are out there trading against me, though.
  3. V-Viper


    Well I would be considered poor, so can you recommend any of these "Market Wizard" books to me :p
  4. traderob


    If you understand life you will see that helping others won't bring you harm - even if it sometimes comes with a shortterm disadvantage.
  5. kempo


    ...because you could hand people the holy grail and they wouldn't have the discipline to trade it.

    Welcome to the board.
  6. prophet


    There are system traders on ET who possess the discipline, capital and resources to develop and trade anything that is net positive.

    There's another risk too. You could share an idea you believe is almost worthless only to have someone else develop it further into the holy grail!
  7. prox


    Sharing is not really going to make much of a difference. Every one is their own individual and will warp your ideas into their own mold, rendering it useless and then brand you a fraud because they cannot make money off it.

    Welcome to trading.
  8. kempo


    I agree...I should have written MOST people wouldn't have the discipline to trade.

    What I believe IMHO, is that widespread dissemination of trading education and coaching, advice etc. will not harm the successful trader nor the market in general in the long run.

    And if some of the traders who find their way to trading success have recieved some of their help here on ET, it is a good thing.

  9. I think Mercante does not understand how beautifully the markets work. There is no need to "bring in" anyone to lose money. Financial markets will always be attractive to people who hope to find a way to make a fortune. Also it is normal for retail traders to assume that they will be able to quickly learn whatever they need to be successful. There is an old saying, "hope springs eternal". Mercante, when YOU understand this you will see that you have nothing to worry about except your own ability. Best of luck, Steve46

  10. I thought one had to be over 12 to become a member of ET... ??!

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