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    I just finished ordering all the new parts to my new PC (that I'm building). Here are the highlights:

    CPU = Intel Q9550
    CPU HSF = ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler (comes w/ thermal paste on it)
    GPU = 2 Sapphire 100237L Radeon HD 3650's
    Mem = 2x2GB DDR2-800 Mushkin
    MB = ASUS P5Q-E
    HD = 2 WD 640gb hard drives
    FANS = Nexus D12SL-12 120mm for top exhaust; Noctua NF-S12-1200 for side intake; Comes w/ front intake & rear exhaust
    CASE = CM590

    Question now becomes...
    -I have XP SP3 on my 5 year old computer so I can install that on the new one if I need to....OR....I can buy a copy of Vista 64-bit Home Premium and use that.

    For those who use Vista 64-bit regularly, are all the horror stories in the past more or less? Should I just go w/ Vista64 oem for the new build (and home premium good enough for a home user?)?

    Either way I'll need a 64-bit version (either XP or Vista) since I have 4 gigs ram now... Tnx, I've never even seen Vista so I'm doing this blind.

    Software: Tradestation, IB TWS, Telechart 2000, all the basic windows stuff, no games across 3 FP monitors
  2. i have vista 32 bit edition on my dell laptop, haven't had any problems running anything, if anything doesn't run for some reason you can always right click properties "run in compatibility mode for xp/98/200"

    i use ninja trader with vista no problems at all.
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    I just got through this week removing 64 bit Vista (4Gb) on a RAID array, putting a standard SATA drive in and installing XP 32 bit. The RAID is now for data only. The XP showed about 3 Gb and went like a rocket in comparison. The 4 Gb will be unused anyway with the software you have mentioned unless you open many dozens of charts at once with piles of heavy duty indicators and intensive backtesting. 64 bit is in theory fine but in practice not due to driver and compatibility problems, which was part of the reason for going to XP/32. You could get it to work if you were determined, but if you want an easy life stick to Xp 32 bit, Avira Antivir, Spybot, Windows firewall with a router. If you pile Norton/Mcaf on it will slow any system down significantly.
  4. Everyone here will most likely tell you to stick with XP and say Vista is terrible. I won’t disagree with them in most cases, but I will point out that Vista 64 is actually very nice and very fast in a certain circumstance. The circumstance is having a powerful computer with 8gb of ram. I am using it on an overclocked QX9650 with dual GTX280 video cards, 8GB of DDR3 ram, and a new velociraptor hard drive. My other machine is a Q9450 with one video card and 4gb of ram and I use XP pro on that.
  5. Depends. Make sure your new mobo also supports XP and has the drivers for chipset, audio, NIC, etc.

    And while 64-bit is faster on 64-bit apps, most apps are not. WinXPx64 runs a "32-bit emulator" on 32-bit apps. It's all very seamless but doesn't seem any faster than XP 32-bit. I imagine Vista 64-bit has to do something similar.

    Personally, I'd choose XP-32. But as you'll have both OSs and a little time to spend, you could load one, then the other and see if there is a significant speed increase with Vista 64-bit.
  6. The question I have for you is........... why would anyone buy a copy of VISTA? It is garbage, period! I rencently bought 5 new machines from Dell and was forced into taking them with VISTA (or pay a downgrade fee of $190). Guess what I spent a day doing? You guessed it, ditching VISTA and installing XP on all the machines. I left VISTA on one machine as an experiment for a couple of weeks trading..............once again GARBAGE! Nothing but grief with the machine that had VISTA, and to boot, couldn't install a second dual head video card in the PCI slot with VISTA. Was not compatible, would not recognize it , spent/wasted time on the phone with Dell monkeys, no help at all. With XP using the second video card is no problem.
    These are just a couple of reasons I hate VISTA! Hope that influences your decision.
  7. Because of the potential for grief, the most logical choice is XP-32. If one want's to "play" with Vista on another rig, that's a different matter.

    Even XPx64 is somewhat of a risk. While it's fast, some peripherals won't work. (I tested it with my trading setup... everything worked OK except I would have needed to buy a new sound card and printer.... don't need THAT hassle either.)
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    It's starting to sound more & more like XP-32. I'll have 4gig ram (so XP32 will probably only see 3-3.5gb), but that's just for when I do home video from what I am hearing, even w/ Vista-64 assuming IF every driver works, the overhead of having Vista instead of XP would defeat the purpose of the extra 1/2 gig ram anyways...

    I'm going to start a new thread asking about LastXP though...
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    I have been using Vista home prem 64 bit since Feb/March 08.

    Q6600, 4GB

    The computer/OS/Apps have been rock solid.

    Unless your software supports Vista 64, there is absolutely no reason to buy VISTA.

    (read the fine prints: some software claim to support Vista 64, but actually it is operating under Vista's 32 bit mode. i.e you really don't get any 64 bit advantages.)

    In terms of drivers, as long as you are buying a new computer with new hardware, you should not run into driver problem because practically all the new hardware are Vista ready.
  10. Same experience as you, but with Lenovo.

    They wanted to charge me extra to 'downgrade' to XP, and I had a legal copy of XP on my old laptop already, so I just transferred it to my new laptop.

    I called MS, explained what I was doing, and got a new key # to aid in the reinstall from old to new, which is consistent with their EULA.

    With 2GB of RAM and Penyrn T8100 processor, bootup time went from probably 45 seconds on VISTA to maybe 23 with XP.

    Not only that, I couldn't get all the drivers I needed with VISTA.
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