To all those who only trade the SPY/ES

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dafong, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. dafong


    So I'm deciding whether to trade only the SPY or the E-minis. My question to those who are exclusively trading these instruments, do they provide enough action for you guys?

    If so, what time frame are you guys looking at and how many contracts / 500 share lots are you guys trading?

  2. I assume you have not watched the tape very much the past 2 months to ask if "there is enough action!"
  3. bathrobe


    I trade the ES only, for my style of trading I use ten and fifteen minute timeframes, usually take a max of two trades a day, and trade between 6 and 10 contracts. There is a lot of waiting around and I can get very bored, but I will not trade unless my rules are met.

    I know some on this board fire off 15 or more trades a day, I assume they are relying heavily on indicators, and smaller time frames, this is not for me as I am not a scalper most of the time (unless I am forced into it).

    The action is definitely there
  4. jmmcox


    ES or SPY? Both have their pros and cons but having started with stocks/ETFs many years ago, I have settled with the ES for daytrading and use stocks/ETFs for swing trading.
  5. xxxskier

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    if your profitable, trade ES, you'll save money on taxes. 60/40 split.
  6. dafong


    what about those traders who make a living off only trading the ES/SPY? I know there has been significant action daily for the past year, but what about when the markets are calm? Was trading Es/SPy still profitable pre-1998?
  7. bathrobe


    I am not completely sure, but I think the ES was created in 1998 so smaller traders could trade the S&P
  8. joemiami

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    I trade ES on 7 and 15 min addition to spot cash forex.

    ES is very liquid. I, at times, also trade ES break outs on the economic news that comes out at pre market hours. $$$$$$ :D
  9. Not to mention when tax time comes you'll have one P/L line to fill out rather than listing each individual trade.
  10. dafong


    Crap, i don't pay attention to what i type.
    I meant pre-2008, was the action in the SP500 sufficient to make a living off trading exclusively with ES/SPY?
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