To all those trading prop...

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jojo45688, Jan 2, 2007.

How much money did you NET last year prop trading?

  1. < 0.00

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  2. < 30k

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  3. 30-80k

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  4. 80-150k

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  5. 150-300k

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  6. > 300k

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  1. Just curious what kind of money prop traders today are taking home, NET.

    I think it'd be interesting to also hear how long youve been there, what kind of size youre trading with and if youre trading futures or equities...

  2. I just started 3 months ago and I've made $14K on a $10K deposit.

    In October when I started I was trading 1 and 2 lots, a five lot seemed really frisky at the time. I'm now swinging 80 to 180 lots depending on how expensive the stock is to hedge.

    I'm still having some buying power issues, but my goal is to pull down betwwen $15K and $20K this month, net, and will probably reinvest some of my income to start trading larger size and higher priced stuff.

    edit: Oh, I trade stock and stock options.