To all the people thrashing Obama....

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  1. Give it up..... nothing is working, not the "connection to terrorist, not the "will raise your taxes", "won't salute the flag"........... this election is different, please get that through your heads. The old standby tactics that always worked for the Reps in the past are not working this time. Americans want CHANGE period.
  2. Hopefully in 8 days the mccain supporters/racists will finally accept it
  3. The polls will tighten a lot before election day, No way he can maintain a 10 point lead, 2-3 points max.Nonetheless,Obama will win.
    If there is no terrorist attack/ massive rally. you can take it to the bank. Obama will be 44.

    Kitchen sink didn't work for Hillary, won't work for McPain
  4. Obama needs at least an 8 to 9 pt lead on election day in order to scrape out a win due to "Bradly Affect"
  5. Bradley effect doesn't exist anymore. the polls in the primaries were pretty accurate.
    + the "Racists for Obama" demographic is pretty well documented, people are discerning, they' don't like many aspects of Black culture but don't associate Obama with them.
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    All you Obama-lovers are totally brainwashed. Same goes for Bush Lovers.

    Here are the Real Issues Barry will not touch:

    Open Borders.

    North American Union.

    War in Iraq.

    War in Iran.

    War Against Drugs.

    Domestic Spying.

    Torture and Rendition.

    The Failure of Public Education

    Federal Reserve and Fiat Credit.

    Abolition of the Income Tax and IRS.

    Relentless Expansion of Federal Government.

    You won't see any of the Real problems dealt with because the Real People who control and own America have engineered those "problems" into existence for their own benefit.

    Barry will put a Liberal spin on some of those pain-points Dems railed against Bush for, and you guys will eat it up.

    The War in Iraq will be re-branded a UN "Peace-Keeping Mission" (overwhelming led by US forces with a US veto, of course), and Liberals will valiantly declare the End of Conflict! Of course, US body-bags will still be shipped home in record numbers. But this time, it will be in the name of "Peace"! Not "War"!!

    Domestic spying will continue unchecked and Barry will assure us its all for our own "protection". To ease our fears, a few partisan hacks will be trotted out as the new veneer of "oversight we can trust". "Scary" Right-Wing groups will be targeted by Barry's NSA to assuage the left that flagrant violations of the 4th Amendment, really are okay. Expect local Militia, Anti-Abortionists, the Minute Men and Constitutional Heritage Groups to get eaten alive by Obama.

    The Left-Wing judges he appoints to the Supreme Court will put the final nail in the 2nd Amendment.

    After all, the Right for Municipalities to Ban firearms within their jurisdiction was narrowly defeated by a 5 to 4 vote. And Barry is ardent gun grabber.

    Lets not forget Obamas Million Man Youth Brigades to Police the Homeland!!

    Lots of "Change" to look forward too.

    Good Work, guys.
  7. well, Ron Paul is no longer running
  8. I am writing in RON for any of the globalist wealth entities "chosen" ones is rubbing your hands in the blood of america's demise.

    mccain and OBAMA are both going to do nothing other than carrying forward the agenda DICTATED by their globalist masters. With obama there will be NO CHANGE from most of the BUSH policies, but there will be change in the acceleration of a planned continued creation of codependency between the citizens and our over reaching government (advancing an inefficient centralized socialist type model).

    The other fact that is really scary, missed by the conned obama supporters, is the guidance and relationship from his ties with globalist sect director zbigniew brzezinski........

    I WILL BE RIGHT......without a doubt obama will destroy our country even more, just as bush did. I WILL be able to come back here in 4 years and tell you..........

    I TOLD YOU SO........and that is a "stone cold lock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :cool:
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    Yea, its so true.

    These guys are just Sheep.

    The Agenda is Bigger Government, Less Freedom and More Tax.

    Obama will hit al three out of the park.
  10. You think there will be less freedom with Obama??:confused:

    care to explain??
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