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  1. As far as I know, the whole game with liquidity trading is that it takes advantage of a loophole that forces market participants (read brokers obligated for best execution) to take stock from fee charging ecn's.

    If that goes away , so does the free money.
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  2. I was just thinking about this again Newbie and I do have a good piece of advice for you. In one of my earlier posts when I referred to liquidity trading as NOT being like 'picking money up off the street', I was wrong! It is exactly like 'picking money up off the street', thing is, went you are bent over picking up that money, you better be careful that someone doesn't come up behind you and kick you in the ass.... HARD!

    My advice.... be fast, don't be greedy, and WATCH YOUR ASS!

    MACD:p :p :p
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  3. NEVER add to a bad trade....NEVER...NEVER... why make the same mistake twice...didnt your learn the first time..
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  4. I've calculated that the users of these fine EliteTrader boards account for approx 175-250 million in net earnings per year, based on their postings.

    I feel its a blessing that they find the time while managing that wealth (imagine the tax implications) to post here and share.
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  5. Who do you think is paying the liquidity traders for their invaluable service? It's either the retail investor OR the MM's forced to eat ECN charges. Probably both.
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  6. Long and short whichever side I can get filled on first. I just want to get into a trade then I will work out of it.

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  7. Thanks trader963......that is the kind of information I was looking for.

    Does anybody else have some info on how I can reach my goal?
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  8. machine


    It's actually, very easy... Just buy the stocks that go up and sell ones that go down. You might even make some money by doing this.
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