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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Momento, Mar 5, 2003.

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    I recently got a copy of EOD Advanced GET from a friend. After having installed the program, i don't know what's to do next to get some data up.

    errr... This might seem to be a really dumb question to you guys... (i am not a real tech guru)...

    So what am I suppose to do next? Just to get some feeds.

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  3. Momento


    trying to work on some Elliot's waves, and apparently this software is one of the best in this domain.

    so, giving it a try. (but donno how to start.. :mad: )
  4. I use the one leased through Esignal as do many others.
  5. Andre


    AdvancedGET is now owned by eSignal, actually. You might have to use eSignal data (not certain). Did you buy the program from your pal or copy it? I ask because I believe that even when you buy a copy from someone else 2nd hand, you have to re-register it with the company to use the data.

    I can ask their help team to post here, if people would like.

  6. Momento-You can use several EOD data provider formats in Get. TC2000 is one and there are several others. You might want to go to and read an article there on importing data into GET. In Get if you look under data paths, under file, and then under add there is a list of accepted data. One is ASCII so whatever in is that format Get can use. Have fun and just keep playing with it, it is a great piece of software.
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    Good luck using Elliot Wave Analysis and all derivatives within on an intraday basis. Funny how those numbers keep changing. Especially after you put on your position.
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    Thanks guys.
  9. Like anything else - it works great........... till it doesn't.