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  1. I just finished chatting with an ACM sales person.

    The guy said that there are no delays in execution no matter the volatility conditions, even Nonfarm payrolls, no gaps in the market ever with them , and during extreme volatility the spread only goes up to a max of 3-4 pips for the Eur\Usd pair, but that that happens rarely.

    That sounds a bit too good to be true. I sometimes trade during news releases, and if it's like he said, then ACM might be for me. So, anybody that has or had an account at ACM, did that ring true to you?
  2. well I would say thats absolute bs..

    Nice spreads doesnt mean nice execution...the spread can be 3 pips all day..but when you try to hit that 32 bid does it comeback your done/done but at 28 cos they went and checked where the market is/or not done...

    so unless they are giving you a fixed spread and taking a massive brokerage fee..dont listen to that sort of will find reality hurts..
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    The spread can get to 70 pips on cable, 30 on euro during NFP, on cable it is 20-25 pips on any UK news releases. Quotes are shifted against you. If you going to make money on news releases for over two weeks you'll be put on manual execution, and will get trade rejections on every trade that goes your way and will get fills on the ones that go against you. They may prevent you from getting out of a bad trade.
    This is a very small list of things that I have experienced with ACM.

  4. ouch. That bad?
    How long have you traded with them and what brooker are you using now?
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    Sorry won't answer on the first part of your question. Regarding my current broker, well the thing is that I have changed my trading completely and I do not trade the news anymore. So I chose O-anda 1.5pips spread is what I need for my new strategy. If I’d continue trading the news I would choose to trade on Currenex via spread is 0-3 pips mostly 1 on majors, execution is excellent and very fast.
  6. Why do you not trade the news anymore? I am quite profitable trading the news, could you detail this a bit please?

    It's not good to trade the news at Oanda either?

    I checked currenex and it sounds good, can you tell me what's the minimum you have to open an account with, they don't mention on their site.
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    I experienced them all :[
  8. ACM is in the crapper. Platform stabilty problems, widened spreads, holding orders, manual execution, etc etc etc. Throw in one of the worst back offices in forex and that is what you have.