TNA Challenge Journal

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Spiderbird, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Fellow day trader gave me a challenge to scalp trades on TNA. Didn't matter what time charts/indicators/oscillators I used. Posits that you can't be profitable 5 days in a row. Must execute at least 3 trades per day.

    Chose the following:
    1 minute chart
    OHLC Bars
    Standard BB (20,2) with 5 EMA
    MFI (5)
    CMF (20)

    Starts tomorrow (Thurs 7/14). Starting 30k in cash.
    Should be fun. :cool:
  2. No ground gained today. I was positive until the final 25 minutes of the day, and took a .30 point hit chasing a BB break upward. Frack.

    Day 1:

    Cap: 29,893
  3. Been lax on updating..

    Day 2 (7/15): -664 (No excuses. Bad trading and horrible entry)
    Day 3 (7/18): -565 (More of the same)
    Day 4 (7/19): 1143 (Was long the day before and caught the open... rode it till the afternoon and missed a late spike.)

    Total: 29,807k

    So one winning day. My friend sent a rather sarcastic e-card to congratulate me.

    Oh, a few changes. Killed CMF and added 1 min, 30 min charts with similar parameters for time frame clarity.