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    I got pulled into attending a seminar on learning to trade with the TMTT / Russ Whitney Group. Have never, ever, traded since watching, as a kid, our family trust fund get wiped out in '72, and swore off the stock market.

    Are trading seminars / mentoring.... a generally good way to get into the markets? How about any experiences with this particular group and their $1,600 software... Tradeseeker?

    This newby appreciates your guidance!!
  2. Everything you need to know about financial instruments and economics can be found in your local library or for a fraction of $1600.00. Buy a subscription to Investors Business Daily and The Journal. Take the rest of the money and bank it.

    Trust me on this one.

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    It is highly unlikely that any packaged software or trading seminar is going to profit you in and of itself. Life is not that simple, despite what trading promoters would like you to think. If it was, they would be trading, not running lectures!

    Trading can be a rewarding, profitable venture, but you must learn the ropes yourself, and find what is right for you. So treat a seminar or any material as just part of your learning process, and definitely not an end in itself. And the fact that someone blew your family's fortune in '72 is a good lesson in how you should always be aware of taking too much risk, but it should not stop you from pursuing your own goals.
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    Might gety snooked[disappointed] if you actually exspect to learn trading from a seminar.

    If you are a group type personality, might explore ''Pro firms ''on;
    still want to figure on good public or private library also .

    Reguardless , any who know how to trade /invest actually learned to trade by trading /investing;
    preferably starting small.:cool:

    Wisdom involves more than books & seminars;

    Wisdom involves doing like Solomon wrote.

    Books ,, may shorten learning curve;
    note the pattern repeats somewhat
    i learned to trade/invest by years of trading/investing.:cool:
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    what did you learn, is it how to cash out your home equity and double it using LEVL 2 or how to trade REITs using TA indicators.
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  7. Never pay for seminars.

    Buy some good books (they'll never cost more than $100, and if they do, don't buy them) and browse the web, there's plenty of info for you to digest in these. The most important way to learn is experience. But I am not saying that external info won't help, if you digest it wisely (be willing to adopt what makes sense to you and be willing to discard what doesn't. Once again - be willing to discard what doesn't make sense to you, even if the writer of the book swears on his dead mom's grave that it works).

    One word regarding "pro firms" or proprietary firms - these are oiled machines designed to relieve you of your money in the form of commissions. They force you to overtrade regardless of market conditions or of how much you lose. There is a lot of filth in Wall Street but prop firms by far top them all. Don't believe me? Go try them out. As I said, experience is the ultimate teacher.

    That's my advice.. now.. do as you please.... hope you do well!



    Thanks for all your replies!. Yes, this Russ Whitney is the same one as the Real Estate promoter, found on your link, Lancer.

    As a TOTAL beginner, I have to say I found the (independent)instructor to be reputable, and the knowledge he shared inspiring, and well worth attending, just to give me a "kick in the butt" to get going, and not make beginners mistakes! "IF" other seminars were to prove as valuable personally, I would not hesitate to attend.

    However the TTMT company "employees" felt a little like snake oil salesmen. I fended off the sales pitch to buy more seminars.. and am now on my own to self-educate.

    Just a note of appreciation to you all.

    Snoogie :)
  9. Best of luck!