TMAD, now 18.55, could be 20 within days

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by qll, Jan 16, 2007.

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    TMAD was a beaten stock, for whatever reason, its earnings beat by too great margin. This stock will fly high. I am kind of regret not getting some shares premarket. Anyway, my entry is around 18.4.

    This kind of stock will move slowly for months, like VCLK or COST in the past few months. TMAD can even weather a bad Q, if the next Q misses, because this Q, it beats by too much.
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    The ticker should be AMTD, not TMAD. Sorry.
  3. LOL. I was reading the title and thought to myself WTH is TMAD? I bought some at 18.31, I'll probably hold it till the end of this week. I'm hating on myself for not buying this before the report, i forgot about AMTD! That's what i get for not writing it down.
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    there could be a profit taking for the 5 day run. but looking at its 1 yr chart, no question, it will hit 20 very soon. However it could be traded between 17 and 20 for weeks, then move to 24 level in 3-6 months.
  5. I owned this company when it was @ 16. All it ever did was go up 50 cents then down 50 cents. I played off that for a while but then i moved on. AMTD has been @ 16 for months and now it has finally moved, i knew they were going to beat the number, they kept running their commercials on CNBC. That brings in customer new to the stock market or looking for online brokers.
  6. I see this stock ending up in the high 17 ish low 18 today.