TMA halted in after hours

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  1. Buyout or bankruptcy?
  2. Daal


    i think its good news, I still see it trading though
  3. My broker doesn't show an AH quote. In big red text it says, "Trading has halted for this security."
  4. it looks like its trading now. I don't understand why it was halted. are you sure there was even a halt?
  5. The stock is currently 1.57 bid and offered at 1.58

    It just traded 4200 shares at 1.58

    The last trade was at 4:34.28 Eastern.
    Get real people.
  6. Ummm - all trading stops 4:00-4:20.
  7. It does??? That's news to me?
  8. Looks like my broker may have something wrong. Still showing as halted.
  9. there's been reports today that it was only trading on the ECNs because it dipped below a dollar yesterday and was knocked off the NYSE. perhaps now the NYSE is allowing trading of it again because it's over a dollar now. perhaps someone can enlighten us about exactly what happened
  10. Over 1,000 posts and you don't know about after hours trading? :confused:
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