TMA at $1?????????

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  1. Looks like the subprime mess anhilated this stock, is this a sucker play at $1?
  2. They can't meet a margin call, the company is dead.
  3. I remember vividly when the CEO crook said back in august on CNBC when the stock closed at $8 that everything was 'OK'. TMA quickly surged to 15 following the pump job, and now look where it is.
  4. I don't think he knew how bad things were gonna get. I think him and some other execs even bought a truckload of stock at high high prices
  5. ROFL LMAO. I just went and looked at insider actions. CEO H Thornburg bought $9,500,000 worth of stock on 10/19/07. Bad call huh boss.
  6. LOL at least he puts his money where his mouth is even if he ends up having no money left.
  7. good find. downside is only a buck.

    I suggest you hock your Flash Gordon decoder ring and go all in.
  8. axehawk


    $0.78 and puking hard.

    It might see $0.00 today.
  9. stock has stabilized now. too risky to short at this point
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    If I were in that business like JPM, Wachovia, or BOA, etc I would consider this an opportunity to acquire some assets @ super discount prices (vulture investing). Yes some of the assets are not worthwhile, but surely there are enough to justify the purchase @ 3%(based on 52 wk high)
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