TMA 4pm closing price?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by DataCruncher, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. What is the actual TMA 4pm closing price? some sources say 1.79, but charts show around 1.30? does anybody know what the actual official closing price is?
  2. The NYSE web site shows a close of 1.79 based on a trade at 16:07. BigCharts one minute chart shows it trading in the range of 1.25 to 1.30 at 16:00, shows no 1.79 print at the end of the day, but says it closed at 1.79. Yahoo one day chart shows a jump to 1.79 before 16:00. Bloomberg one day chart shows a jump to 1.79 just after 16:00.

    I would guess that the NYSE close of 1.79 is the correct one, but a rather odd one.
  3. Now I found the Bloomberg story on TWA and ABK - large buy orders on the close, probably shorts covering before the weekend.

    "March 7 (Bloomberg) -- Ambac Financial Group Inc. and Thornburg Mortgage Inc. surged on the New York Stock Exchange after investors traded blocks totaling at least 10 million shares in the week's final moments, according to Bloomberg data.

    The transactions multiplied Ambac's 4-cent gain for the day into a $2.08 increase and turned a 24 percent drop for Thornburg into an 8.5 percent rally. The stocks rose on orders submitted by investors instructing brokerages to trade shares as near to the end of the day as possible, according to exchange data compiled by Bloomberg. "
  4. there was a big buy imballance into TMA on the close/ 3.40. im amazed that it drove tma up to 1.79, this company may be bankrupt over the weekend. And there was so much liquity during the day if i had 1 million shares to cover this isnt the way id go about it
  5. I'm sure it's been a weekend of all-nighters for TMA executives. Perhaps they were able to work something out. I wouldn't be surprised if a Citadal-Etrade type of deal is worked out with some type of institution of individual. The large block trade at the end of the day on Friday is also a bit suspicious.
  6. that stock was so liquid, if you wanted to buy millions of shares you could within a few cents. i have no idea what happened with te MOC orders friday.