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    That's billion with a B

    Toyota is pouring an extraordinary $1 billion into Southeast Asia's Grab, valuing the one-time Uber rival at over $10 billion. It's thought to be the largest sum a traditional automaker has ever invested in a ride-hailing firm. In March, Singapore-based Grab bought out Uber's business in the region in a multibillion-dollar deal. CNN
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    Toyota Profits

    Toyota's quarterly profits were up 7.2% year-on-year, surprising analysts who expected flat earnings. The Japanese car manufacturer has been selling well in Asia, particularly in Thailand, and making cost reductions at home. Operating income was up just shy of 19%. However, wary of potential U.S. tariffs on imported cars, Toyota slightly downgraded its sales forecasts for the year to March 2019. BBC
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    Toyota and Uber

    Toyota is investing $500 million in Uber and will work with the U.S. firm on autonomous vehicle development. For Toyota, it's part of a transition to being a "mobility company"—four of Toyota's suppliers also announced a partnership on developing self-driving car software. Meanwhile, Uber's autonomous car efforts will involve retrofitting Toyota Sienna minivans. Real-world testing will start in 2021. Fortune
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    Toyota Recall

    Toyota is to embark on a massive recall of more than a million cars, including the hit hybrid Prius. The issue, which apparently involves the engine wire harness, may lead to a fire risk. There's been at least one incident of a short circuit that caused smoke. Around half the recalls will take place in Japan, with the rest in Europe, Australia and other countries. In the U.S., around 192,000 Prius vehicles will need to be recalled. Reuters