TM is crashing. get it?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. easy short, free money
  2. I don't know man...
  3. Free money must be booked lest it blow away
  4. Im the resident "expert" in this forum. If I say it goes back to March lows, then it goes back to March lows. When we wake up tomorrow, Obama is going to get on national television and tell us that Toyota is no longer a brand that can be counted on and to buy GM cars.

    Look folks, Toyota is going back to March lows. Thats it. No more debate. Done.
  5. can someone explain why damn near everything is down at the moment but TM? what could possibly be causing this?

    HF propping it up momentarily building up a short position?

  6. Done.
  7. im bullish off a weekly tf.
  8. If you guys lose money going short or long on TM, you deserve it. This stock is pure speculation. There are plenty of better opportunities out there.
  9. where is everyone at on TM? i'm still short but wondering if we're gonna see any more downside to this puppy.
  10. Jesus


    This is a a temporary difficulty toyota is facing. Recalls happen all the time in the auto industry. In three-five years I would bet my house that toyota stock will be higher than it is now.

    I don't own any toyota shares because there are better deals out there, but I have seen this scores of times and toyota will recover, trust me.
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