TLT options ahead of the payroll number

Discussion in 'Options' started by ktm, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. ktm


    CNBC reporting that someone bought a large number of calls on TLT (Lehman 20 yr) yesterday. A quick check of my stone tool shows open interest of almost 60K in the Apr 90, about 40K of which was put on yesterday in large blocks. May open interest is about 2K across all call strikes. As CNBC reported, someone is making a decent sized bet on a bad number at 8:30.
  2. seisan


    It'll be very interesting. As usual, the economists have been all over the map with their March non-farm payroll predictions - from as low as 40,000 to as high as 220,000+

    Kudlow is klucking that it will be well over the estimated 120,000 jobs...
  3. seisan


    Ever the Bull Kudlow "nailed it" - March jobs up 308,000 - the fastest pace in 4 years !

    The U.S. economy is growing at a 4-5% interest rate as he has maintained.

    And both January and February non-farm payrolls were revised upward! Even manufacturing didn't lose any jobs.

    Hello higher interest rates (incrementally).

    Guess Kerry can kiss it all goodbye even earlier - at least on the unemployment argument...
  4. ktm



    Kudlow didn't really nail anything. He has some astronomic number every month. What is the old saying about a broken clock and twice a day?
  5. seisan


    That's why I used the overstated terminology in jest and put it in quotes - I rarely use smilies anymore...

    And most would agree that Kudlow, in all his smugness, does tend to "kluck"...
  6. ktm


    I'm with ya....agree 100%