TLRY borrow rate at IB is.......

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    Have a nice weekend
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    I was going to short this the other day at 90+ but figured it would skyrocket to $100+ but I guess it didn't and from the looks of it this stock is certainly overvalued.
  3. mskl


    If you were short Wednesday on the close - the shares settle today and you would be paying 381% for three days interest (Fri-SUN). Or about $2.50

    So short Wednesday - cover Thursday. You might make $1 shorting the stock but have $2.50 in borrow fees.
  4. FSU


    No shorts available at our firm.
  5. mskl


    unavailable at IB as well However, if you were short Wednesday night - you got yourself a large delayed cost.

    And the rate just changed to 190% such a deal.......
  6. completely ridiculous valuation. But before the actual legalization happens in Canada (I think in October), greedy (and maybe also stoned) longs can continue to dream of castles in the sky.
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    I do not know our overnight rate, but right now our clients can get a locate from a third party for $0.55/share. Expensive but you can sell short.

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    at IB it is currently 42 cents
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    where in TWS do you see 42c?
    could you take a screenshot?
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    Looks like this may squeeze to the da moon when legalization approaches. Not in it myself thou...
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