TL Trader is harrassing me

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by sKaLpZ, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. TL Trader is harrassing me since I have returned just like he used to when I was here before.

    He re-writes my posts, moves any threads I create, deletes and modifies what I write!

    I've HAD it with him bothering me!

    Can we get this idiot OFF ET????

    I guarantee you, face to face he wouldn't do any of this!

  2. welcome back scalpz! :)
  3. thanks, well I know every moderator here and TL Trader is the ONLY ONE who harrasses me.

    he has big powertrip problems or something.

    I know other guys who wrote perfectly fine who he also harrassed. they came to me about it.

    he did it last time I was here and he's doing it again!

    this idiot CANNOT continue doing this to me.

    I won't tolerate it.

  4. One thing I can guarantee ALL the people who are members and readers of Elite Trader.

    The two-bit piece of SHT called "TL Trader" will NEVER touch, alter, delete or move another one of MY words, my sentences, my posts (that I write) or my threads (that I start) - not in HIS lifetime.

    This I give you my word on.

    As a member of ET in good standing, I nominate Kastro_316 to take his place as Forex Trading forum Moderator.

    Since Kasto_316's registration here on 05-05-2002 he has shown friendliness and optimism in the face of every slight, disrespect and insult that could be thrown at a newbie.

    He has always been discrete and has advanced through the levels of forex trading progression in record time.

    Kastro has a strong interest in forex and he would NEVER purposely harrass any member of ET, the way TL Trader harrasses me and others.

    Kastro_316 is smart and has a lot of common sense.

    He is fair and not biased.

  5. Note to Baron: If you notice, I have created the Today In The News.... thread in Chit Chat - a humorous look at current events.

    This I did for community comic relief - it is my pleasure to get a laugh from traders.

    I also ended up updating my Journal in the Journal section - no problems so far.

    The ONLY other place I have even showed up is in the Forex Trading forum.

    This is because I am a forex trader.

    Not for any other reason.

    That leaves 25 other major Forums on Elite Trader that I do NOT post in.

    I ONLY posted on threads in Forex Trading where I thought I could help due to the thread's author requesting help.

    My friend Kastro's thread was the ONLY other place I posted.

    Where does it state that an ET member in good standing CANNOT create a forex trading-related topic in the Forex Trading section in total accordance with ET's posting policies??

    Is that against the rules just for me?

    Because TL JERKWATER Trader apparently thinks so.

    Thank you,

  6. A lot of my posts in the Forex Forums were also deleted.

    sKaLpZ has a point. I read his post, and then when I come back to it.. it is altered or is different or is completely deleted.

    You cannot single out any member, and it looks like moderators here have bias over certain people. This just isn't fair. Everyone must be treated equally for ET to facilitate sharing of ideas, thoughts etc.
  7. forextips


    The solution is to create your own forex forum website and leave this site. Why post your knowlage for free and let EliteTrader profit?

    But any PM's to notify of better sites is ratted out to Elitetrader and the user is then banned. Too many RATS on this site.
  8. TGregg


    Seeing as how I just banned Skalpz, this thread is no longer an issue, so I'll close it.
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