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    Comments and opinions about this firm please and thank you.
  2. From what I know so far. 40% to start and Sterling platform.
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    No other comments ?
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    Why do you want to know?
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    A Friend is putting in a resume there and I'm doing some due diligence for her.

    She is mostly interested in the quality of training and the office enviroment.
  6. I would guess it would depend on the branch. From what i know, most branch managers are traders with working and real strategies, not just businessmen looking to get rich off traders.
  7. why on earth does anyone take less than 100 % payout, put up risk capital & learn to trade by engaging in the markets, on the job training. but scalping for pennies is not trading by no stetch of the imagination.. learn to understand the markets & then earn. do it right with market knowledge if you really want to be in this for the long term.
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    She's 24 yrs old fresh out of college, no money, tons of debt so why not make it on their quarter.
  9. everyone starts off differently, i feel that anyone that has a lot of debt , trading could be a tough endeavor since they put themselves under extreme pressure to earn, and then probably getting paid monthly which is common, is difficult to budget. anyone starting with all that against them makes it even more challenging.. trading is stressful enough without having to add insult to injury for anyone no matter whether their new or experienced. the markets will always be around, but two eaches own. financial pressure can ruin even the best of traders. even traders that are well capitalized have a difficult time. its a tough endeavor for all of us..

  10. I think your statement is true, in most cases, with most equity trading firms, most of the time, and with most branch managers.

    LOL "not just businessmen looking to get rich off traders" that's hilarious did you come up with that yourself.

    Who is the "businessman" looking to get rich from off your account? I don't think you get better then 90%(I could be wrong)

    In the trading game we are all businessmen(independent contractors).

    happy trading
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