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  1. Does anyone here trade with Title Trading?


    I have a friend who trades with Swift Trade and he said that they have low fees, plus something called Melenium scanner. Does Title Trading have low fees and that scanner as well?

    My friend did tell me that the training in Swift Trade is not the best. How is the training in Title Trading?

    I'm just trying to decide between Title Trading and Swift Trade.

    Thank you.
  2. mnx


    why don't you contact title trading directly?

    I'd reccommend going with whoever has the lowest fees overall... if you're a noob it will keep you in the game longer....

    - mnx
  3. GGSAE


    You're not really gonna find any training at any of these prop shops...it will all come down to you for the most part.
  4. I have emailed them late last week, but still no reply.

    So, I thought I'd ask around here.

    Does anyone here work at Title Trading? My friend at Swift Trade doesn't know anything about Title Trading as well.

    I just read their website information and they said that they train, so I was trying to compare Title Trading from what my friend has already told me.
  5. These guys are the same as Swift including payout % maybe better trading platform.
  6. Thank you.

    So I guess they also start at 35%.

    If they are the same, at least at Swift Trade I have my friend there.
  7. The pay is more, base is 50%. Platform is more stable. Training varies branch by branch.

    I work there so im bias.
  8. Oh. That makes a difference.

    Is there a graduation process as well, like at Swift Trade where the trader needs to make $2000 in one month to get a payout?

    Do guys also have this melenium scanner?

    Thank you.
  9. There is not a 'graduation' amount like at swift. I was under the impression graduation was done away with at swift as well... who knows. At title you get paid when you make money.

    Yeah there is a scanner and millenium is a gateway, but if this is the reason why you want to start trading, you are probably doomed. Millenium is not free money like it used to be. Many people are not adapting well to its increased order fragmentation and not making as much money.

    Get into trading if you love trading. If you just want money, it will be tough to pick yourself up day after day in training when you are +/- under $50 a day.
  10. Oh, it's Millenium...thank you.

    I wasn't planning on trading millenium, my friend at Swift Trade just mentioned it a few times with me.

    I'm planning to learn how to trade and was thinking that I would learn a lot if it was hands on. I'm not expecting to make any money for 6 months and I am prepared for that and more.

    I just want to trade well.
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