Title Trading? Orbixa? Others?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by xpioo, Jul 24, 2012.

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    I'm personal trader with about 2 yr day trading experience, and looking for a prop firm for the larger capital which I don't have. I read alot post on this forum and seems title and swift (now Orbixa are the big ones). I just went to the North York (Ontario) branch of Title Trading lately, and here's what they offer.

    1.$400 loss cover ($20 loss/day *20 day/mon, roughly calculated that)
    $250/mon platform fee (for sterling)
    $80/mon office&computer use (total $330 basic fees)

    so it addup to $730 for the first month

    2. starting from 100k BP and 100 shares limit + $20 netloss/day for suspension, and the limit for both share and netloss/day raise gradually to 2000 shares and $100 ($200?maybe) respectively, as one makes certain amount of net gains.

    3. when I can makes 2k net gain, I "graduate" from the program (sign contract with Title trading), and since then I will have 500k BP and 70% payout ratio (after deduct platform and office fees if you use them all)

    4. But if I couldn't make the 2k, I will still need to pay the basic fees and the net loss with a $300 cap.

    5. they state that they won't deduct any ECN rebate credit (all would be mine)

    Since I cannot get contact with Orbixa yet, tried their website (cannot complete contact form) and emailed Rahim Allani (got no response).

    So my questions are:

    Is title trading's offer fair enough? Good to go?
    Does anyone know if Orbixa is now hiring and how to contact them?
    If Title trading and Orbixa are both not good/available rightnow, then is there any other firm good to join in Toronto/North York/Richmond Hill region?
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    I`m suggesting you to keep far away from this firm cos of sick platform and lot of technical problems.
  3. xpioo


    Thank you for your information that I can ignore Orbixa then.