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  1. malak77


    Hey Everyone,

    Anyone has a contact at Titlte or Swift Trade in Montreal Canada?
    I'm interested in a full time job at any of these two firms.

    I'm a finance major with top grades + over 3 years of trading experience.

    Please PM me if interested.
  2. inktomii


    If you have 3+ years of experience, trade your money.
  3. http://cftfinancials.com/

    these guys have a lot of good traders and a few real swingers in an office in Montreal

    I would check them out. Go futures.
  4. inktomii


    Go where you can make money!!!
  5. inktomii


    I'll give the pros and cons;

    Futures prop:

    -higher payout if you survive (up to 90% if you keep lots of cash in your account)
    -more info, bloomberg/reuters

    -super high desk fees (+3K)


    -low desk fees (100$ if any)
    -more opportunities
    -less elitist

    -stuck with a low payout (40%) until you trade your money
  6. malak77


    Thanks I will consider CFT.
    Do you know anyone there?
  7. malak77


    Thank for the comparative analysis.
    I don't have much preference with regard to which financial instrument I will be trading.

    What I believe is really important is getting a great training program and trading besides veterans. This should greatly improve the odds of becoming successful.
  8. inktomii


    Even if you don’t care what you trade. The prop firms will. You have to justify what you want to trade. If you trade futures do you want to trade; oil, fixed income, equities?

    You have to be passionate about what you trade. It’s definitely not about money but the market. If you’re not trading what you want to trade you won’t survive when it becomes hard.
  9. It would be much more accurate to say that the factors you cite may increase the odds of becoming successful in a very limited number of cases in which the circumstances are just right.

    Do a search on Swift here. I don't think you'll find that your chances of getting 'a great training program' or 'trading beside veterans' are even remotely what you may think they are at that churn and burn.
  10. tredar


    o really...and what exactly would you consider 'a lot'.

    they never did hire noobs aside from a short stint. thats not how they currently operate, its just a specific fact. on a general note, thats not how most prop futures firms operate these days. stocks, its different.
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