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  1. "A thick dense orange atmosphere, ten times as dense as Earths"
    You can't make this stuff up. As has been said reality is more
    amazing than any science fiction thats ever been written. These kinds of excursions send you thinking about creation of it all. I'm leaning towards something but not any organized religions God, too much input from power seekers. Its as though the plan is for humankind to stay put due to the impossibilities of exploring
    beyond even just this solar system and the fact that this realm
    or ours holds such wonders as the series on Discovery Planet Earth and the upcoming one Life documents. Life is just too short
    I hope theres something instead of nothing next.
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    I'm with you on this... so, so many wonders...

    On a side note that's a big wonder to me:

    When the fuck are they gonna amalgamate all video codecs so we don't have to deal with sub-par video anymore? This video would be so much more enjoyable if you're able to full screen it in true HD. I don't understand this. They can put a man on a moon freaking 40 years ago, and we still have blurry images to deal with on the comp.?! Now Google is gonna be coming out with a set top box... what's gonna happen there? Blurry on a 19" monitor is even more blurry on 52" LCD. And we're not even talking about security or surveillance cameras. What's the good of trying to identify criminals or other if you can't even make out their face? I don't understand. As far as I'm concerned, every single audio/visual device should be in HD, along with all the formatting and playback software. There's no excuse for it not to be.

    Sorry for the morning rant.

    I'm thinking Goog will get this thing right. They seem to do everything right.
    ... or is it a clever ploy to lull us into submission?
  3. This might be too much for you to handle but I'll put it out there anyway.

    Most of what you believe you've never investigated for yourself. You've just been told to believe and you've complied. If you did investigate, what you find might disturb you to the extent you reject what appears in plain sight for what you always believed. That is the reaction most people have regardless of their "education." This is why there is always the herd.

    There are a lot of people who have known the truth. Some of them treat it like an inside joke.
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    You know, I've often entertained that thought, of us never setting foot on the moon. It never made sense to me that we never went back and furthered our knowledge. Am I conspiratorial on this subject? No.

    Do I think you're baiting me with your condescending replies to my posts? Yes.
  5. No intent to condescend. We had an exchange on the Science thread that perhaps colors your view of what I posted. It is obvious that you are a space buff, like I am. In my mind you are my peer like others here with similar interests.

    Peace to you. Enjoy your Saturday.
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    No sweat Icarus, you know how hard it is to discern "tone" of posts sometimes. Didn't mean to get my panties in a bunch. And as you, I love science.