Tired of the doom and gloom traders

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  1. bat1


    Why to you even post here?

    Daytrading is for losers

    Daytrading will make you broke!

    if you feel that way good for you!

    I'm sure once you get past the learning and pain stage

    there is money to be made!:)

    I'm I right?

    are there any real traders that make money?

    would be nice to hear from the successful traders once a while

  2. Making it in this business is not easy, takes hard work, lot of research, homework, requires capital, requires that such capital is preserved throughout the learning stages, and then even when you find a good system to execute, requires tremendous will and discipline. Typically the above is not easy to accomplish while having a full time job, because getting it, is within itself, a full time job, so in the meantime, supporting yourself while learning requires even more capital.

    With all the being said, is no surprise that most people are negative towards it, because most don't got what it takes to make it.

    It's not just about will, it's about having the resources as well.

    Most don't make it, that's not a myth, that's a fact.
  3. Redneck


    For those who know – nothing need be said

    For those who don’t – there is nothing that can be

  4. cornix


    There's a common psychological reason why such people post here: they need to rationalize why they are losing and they feel better when they meet people with similar issues.

    One of basic rules of social psychology applied to business says though: boot even the best specialist in your company (or the nicest person in your milieu) if she/he corrupts you or your employees with pessimism... You get the idea what to do with those threads now. :D
  5. While I agree with much of what you're saying, here are a couple of things surprise me about the unremittingly negative posters:

    1. Those same things (difficulty of success-wise) apply to most professions, unless your goal is to sort of aimlessly work your way through life. It's hard to become a Regional Sales Manager without some level of dedication, but you don't see people dumping all over people trying to become Regional Sales Managers.

    2. What do these negative posters do for a living that they have the spare time to come to a message board dedicated to a field they probably have not succeeded in and bash it? Are they bored CEOs raking in millions of bucks at the top of their game and social circle? If not, why aren't they taking the time they spend here and busting their humps at whatever it is they do? It would be like a baseball player who was trying to make it to the major leagues spending his time on a message board telling people how hard it is to get to the majors rather than working on his hitting and fielding.

    Seriously, for the people who are so negative on trading, what is it that you do? Are you really so successful that you have time to waste bashing other for pursuing their goals? Or, like the traders you mock, are you losers, just in non-trading professions? I have to say it's the latter because I don't know of a single successful person who has the time to go around mocking others in a completely unrelated profession. It just simply doesn't happen because their time is so in demand by others that they can't waste it bashing other people's pursuits, so, by deduction, we can conclude that you are as big a bunch of losers as anyone you call losers. Unless some of you inherited money or won some in a lawsuit, which I suppose is always a possibility.
  6. :p
  7. southall


    Ignore the Troll posts.

    They are written by people who have failed at trading, their egos as well as their trading accounts have taken a good beating and so they like to think no one else can make money by trading either.

    Of course people make money trading and day trading, and of course the number of people who fail is probably at least 10x the number who succeed.

    The winners work hard and wont boast or brag about their success on internet forums. They got nothing to prove to anyone.
  8. here are my thoughts... any personality type that would come in to brag in an internet forum of their trading "winnings" wouldn't have them in the first place... because if they were the type to find themselves emotionally in there winnings to the degree that they would come and brag in a fucking internet forum they would burn out quick from any losing trades.. double down/martingale.. or blow up by increasing risk to make up for loses..
    that being said.. i've had a sucessful stint.. i'm an options trader.. i do find it hard not to lever up on the risk taking as i bleed over time... i'm learning and i accept the fact that it doesn't happen over night...
    every loser that wants to give up or has blown up.. talks about how much trading is just like casino roulette wheel gambling... and for them.. thats exactly what it was.. just as in most aspects of life.. its a matter of perspective.. most likely what you see as your future will become realized... no matter how much of a mathematician , quant , behavorial psychologies you are.. if your a complete pessimist .. you will realize bad things... its like a fucking magnet... you think bad things you in turn you walk towards them
  9. Shanb


    Negativity is negativity. There are plenty of people in this world that project their own insecurities onto others. They have self-limiting beliefs and therefore believe others to have those same restrictions.

    Unfortunately this website tends to attract more of the above type than most other places, hell maybe that means that this site is on whole a "negative" for your trading and your life. I think this maybe the case. I haven't gained a whole lot coming to this site. All of the progress made in my own trading was made from my own hard work and persistence, this is prob the same for most people who stick around this game.
  10. Baron thinks ET represents the market: full of slight of hand, conflicting egos and a battle of positives and negatives etc. I think he is right, and just like the market's reaction to negatives, when the negatives posts result in an averaging down of the post IQ... market share drops.

    There is an established idiot post trend now and it's going to be a hard lesson he learns too late. I'd like to say on a positive note we trade against these guys, but it would be impossible for them to trade based on what they post. They just clutter the forum with junk posts.

    They don't want to learn, they can't learn and they can't trade so they can't post anything positive, therefore it makes perfect sense to post trash.

    In years gone by ET was the biggie - not any more. I wonder why?
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