Tired of TD Ameritrade (round trips)

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  1. Does anyone know of a stock/option trading firm that will let me have unlimited trading activity without having $25,000 at a rate reasonable or better to TD Ameritrade?
  2. seeing as how it's a federal regulation, no.
  3. Topper


    try tradeking ?
  4. Yup Fed regulation.

    Try futures.
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    You can always trade non-retail (prop) remotely at a firm with no trade minimums. In other words, trade "prop" without using leverage if you don't want it, and pay commissions directly to the prop firm (probably in the 0.004/share range, keeping 100% profits of course. Be mindful of platform fees though, you'll find that most firms charge $250 or so per month.
  6. contacted them, said you need $25k if you are day trading
  7. don't you need $10k to open a futures account?
  8. I'm seriously considering this, or might switch to trading spot fx. What's a good remote prop that will let you open up an account with around $1,000?
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    assent trading miami
    100$ remote, if youre good, buying power skys the limit
  10. Bet horses , $1 minimum, no max.

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