Tired of reading.

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  1. Any quicker way to learn?
  2. Losing a lot of your own money...
  3. Paper trade and keep records.
  4. I second that. Fastest way to learn. Then you'll like reading again.
  5. :p
  6. yeah hook yourself to a jolter(sensitive body part), and everytime you do something stupid in the market, you get shocked a little. Afterwhile the market will train you to impersonate it. you'll start getting jolted less and less.

    unless your sadomasochistic, then its hopeless.
  7. ROLMAO. Today is looking up already...
  8. Reading gets you to a basic level. It's up to you to take it from there.
  9. dac8555


    it is like golf. you cant get better until you have been doing it for a while.
  10. The quality of these post just keeps getting better and better, thanks Baron!!
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