Tired of Don Miller swipes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by luciasofborg, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. I'm getting tired of Don Miller's swipes at Dr. Steenbarger who has the most integrity of anyone in this business.

    Notice how DM implies that a coach that doesn't trade full time for a living is not qualified while DM has said many times that he has other income and promotes his Jelly efforts and is a known promoter.

    Also, DM has never wrote about his past 5 year returns or past 10 year returns. It is always his "last year" returns. And how much is he gaining from being in front of screen all day? If another trader is making 1/2 as much and working 1/8th as much then who is better trader?

    Every post is about to promote his Jelly videos. I hate to admit that I was a big fan of DM's but he continues to lose respect for his hypocrisy. At any rate, DM talks about trader education but the good Steenbarger delivers.

    If I got it all wrong. Throw some fish at me.
  2. jem


    I do not say this about many vendors or gurus -

    But, when I read steenbarger's efforts - his posts strike me as a real trader writing with integrity. Anyone who rips him without good reasons is highly suspect.
  3. limau2


    just dont read DM if u tired of him.
    i have ignored DM since he start Jellies.
    Dr Brett is a better trading 'coach'
  4. Pekelo


    Oh you silly muffin, you...

    ..except no such thing exists, only your English reading comprehension problem. DM actually mentioned Dr. Brett as a RARE exception, you moron. He has been always writing about him in high regard and linked to his website several times.

    So now that we cleared up your missunderstanding, can we close this thread? Oh yes, and you can apologize too.... :)

    Here you go moron, catch this:

  5. Donny's gone downright Evangelical in his latest post.

    I think direct references to Jesus Christ should be left out of trading blogs.

    And no I don't mean Goldman Sacs.