Tired of chasing bids/asks.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gnode, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. gnode


    I am even placing orders outside the bid/ask and still not hitting. Just keep moving away. Very tiring.
  2. Why don't use just trade through an SB firm like EtxCapital then mate?? lol

    You get instant guaranteed fils..
  3. gnode


    And I just got fucked.

    That order I was complaining about was a married put on SXL. I decided instead of waiting forever on the spread getting filled to cancel the spread and buy the stock and put separately. Right after those filled, my spread filled also :(

    Put in a sell order on one of the spreads for the same price I bought at to wait for it while calling broker about the execution error. Obviously they are busy today... so they are like "You only meant to do 1? You're just going to have to sell the other one"

    Waiting for the fuckin spread again, gave up, went to do it independently. Sold 100 shares. Then went to sell a put and I guess I didn't look closely enough.. it sold both puts. The price I was setting was for one put.

    Oh well, $200 down the drain. :(