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  1. vak


    i'm looking for a ticker symbol (esignal or yahoo)
    for 10 year TIPS.....

    i know of tickers of several fund invested in TIPS (ACITX,FNISX,VIPSX) but i'm sort of more looking an index (like $tnx for normal bonds)

    anyone's help would be appreciated thanks in advance,
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  3. vak


    it's sort of helpfull, but
    what i'm truly looking for is some sort of
    historical data to gauge how the yield spread between comparable tips and bond is relative to past
    (i know one could obtain TIPS yield by substacting official inflation from bond yield but it wouldn't work here cuz i'm sort of trying to see to what extend market's estimate of inflation
    differs from the official figures)

    btw apart from esignal and free web sources i also have "datafeed" so if any1 has a valid ticker on any it would be helpfull.....