Tips to pass the series 7 with minimal effort

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  1. How do I pass this damn test as soon as possible and with as little effort as possible?
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    study bonds, sec acts/laws, margin rules, and basic options.
  3. lol i don't think there is a way to pass it with minimal effort. it is freaking hazing. it was the hardest test i have ever taken. the information in it was completely worthless which makes it even harder.
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    The reason why there is a high failure rate is because people don't adequately prepare for it. Its not difficult, but you have to put in the time and study the large amount of information covered.

    Get the Securities Training Corp study guide and order the practice exams (disk or online, NOT paper). Read the breakout of what percentage of questions comes from each section - its accurate. Read the entire manual once through, then take the practice exams (you will be borderline passing to failing). Re-read the manual, but this time hi-lite what keeps showing up in the exams. Then re-read your hi-lited material. You must be thorough in munis, options, and secs laws.

    After your second read, retake all of the practice exams. You should be passing to slightly higher. Finally, read your hi-lited material one last go through, then take the practice exams as many times as you can. You should be scoring 80's as a minimum. I recommend taking the exams 3 times. The disk/online exams give explanations as you go, very helpful.

    Money-back guaratee you will pass if you follow this study program. Its overkill, but it ensures you will pass.
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    Study your balls off for a week and you will pass!

    There is NO shortcut to pass this test, If you are a good student, a week is all you need, if you are a moron, you may need a month to study.

    Take every exam 2X and study why you got a question right/wrong. I did not bother to even read the material. You should not get a single options or regulatory question wrong.

    I studied for 6 hours a day for 7 days to pass the first time.

  6. Buy series 7 for dummies 6 months before you take the test. Pick it up and fick through it twice a week for 6 months. 15 dollars USD secondhand on amazon.
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    Or study using STC materials for a month instead of wasting your time!
  8. Cheat!
  9. True.

    There is no "minimal" effort or "easy" way out to the Series 7. It covers about 25 chapters of material and one really has to PREPARE for it. It's 6 hours long, and one helluva $itch to take.

    "Sponger" is correct in his post.
    No way around it.
  10. I've passed twice and let it lapse twice. It's a waste but not that hard. Study for 2 weeks 3hrs aday and 5hrs on the weekends. If your not getting 85 on the practice test dont take it. Also be sure to rub one out or drill your gf every 2-3 hrs while your studying...Good Luck.
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