Tips for writing a mechanical Trading program

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Bullet, Nov 26, 2002.

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    Any ideas on how I might learn to write a trading progam on a platform such as Tradestation6. I am open to other platform suggestions as well.

    Any books on the subject or informative web site that anyone can point me too.
  2. Other platforms: Wealth-Lab and Ensign, they use similar languages. Visit Wealth-Lab and Ensign websites for more info.

    You can check out Amibroker as well, the least expensive of them all.

    See the software section of this site for relevant links.
  3. Go buy Mark Conway's book "Professional Stock Trading". It has complete trading systems coded up in the Tradestation programming language. He is also a member of ET.
  4. Look at several of the top wealth-lab scripts, and begin to develop your own.
  5. Eddy


    My personal favorite software for backtesting is Investor RT from because it will allow you to backtest strategies with entry / exit signals based on different timeframes and different instruments.

    In terms of books, for nice approaches on how to backtest trading systems, I would recommend :
    <b>"Trading systems that work" </b> from Thomas Stridsman, who has written as well earlier this year some very interesting articles in Active trader magazine on setting optimum Stop loss and profit Target (
    and <b>"Beyond Technical Analysis / How to develop and implement a winning trading system" </b> 2nd ed. of Tushar Chande.

    TriPack did a great job gathering, in one thread, all reference to trading strategies which were detailed on ET :
    This might be as well of interest for you...

    Finally, using the ET search feature, do not miss the recent Oct./Nov. posts of <b> Acrary</b> giving great examples of trading system & backtest results and some insightful thoughts about "Edge trading".

    Happy backtest,

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    Thanks to all for the great suggestions!!:cool:
  7. Just started using Stock Watch Pro. With help from their customer support I've already written a pretty good screen for my system and I'm no genius.


    Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
  8. Anyone know these guys ?

    Looks a bit like a startup company to me. I wonder where did they get the technology to send their orders to the exchange ? Do you think it is based on some other order entry platform ? Or did they invent their own order entry platform, then add autoexecution und finally some backtesting ? Then they must be pretty smart, uh ?
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    I think they were hacked, all of there partner links go to

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