Tips for trading at ECN Currenex,Hotspotsfxi

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  1. cfets


    :) I dont want to suggest any one of them .

    From currenex's web, you can see the list tier 1 and tier 2.
    So far as I know , fxcmpro has tier 2 B model.
    Refer the trading item , it's diff between each firm , it's an OTC market which you have to bargain with those guys.

    *A variable is the feeling/move of current major selling side on the platform after SS buying Currenex
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  2. siki13


    Very interesting ,please keep us updated
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  3. 168


    for cx trading , fc stone only required 250k , not one million , so does the man.
    #13     Feb 10, 2007
  4. dev


    Man require USD100k, not 250.
    #14     Feb 12, 2007
  5. 168


    and what is the margin does man required ? and if the account is over 250k , what is the margin for that ?
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  6. dev


    I believe they will let you trade 80:1 day, 40:1 overnight, minimum account USD100k.

    Is that what you mean?
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  7. Which tier does gain pro's offering fall in? 2b? Or is this not currenex at all?
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  8. cigarno


    "PB will not take any position against clients but only charge commision per Round trading ."
    How can you make sure that they do NOT trade against you?! All banks have trading desks and they all trade against their clients, that is what the trading desk is for.
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  9. cfets


    just wonder how is the trading at Fxcmpro , can we place the order between the best buy/sell ?
    i heard fxcmpro use markup on spreads as revenue, so there is no way to let our clients's order directly shown on the book , or each client's order would be markup too ?
    #19     Mar 2, 2011