Tips for quitting smoking as a trader?

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    Max E.

    Anyone got any tips for quitting smoking as a trader.

    Ive got a pattern that repeats itself over and over, the second i get stressed about a position i light a dart.

    Couple that with drinking, and im struggling here, im 34, smoked since i was 16....

    Been using "Champix" and im always able to make it through, "Non stressful" days, AKA, "Weekends" with no problem.

    But i cant make it through a full week of trading without a dart, especially in this environment...... anyone got advice for this?

    Ive been using Champix and an E-cigarette with zero niccotine, but it feels like when shit goes south i need the extra buzz.

    I know that it theoretically does nothing for me, but on days where the market is nuts i chain smoke in a box of an office, and i cant get out of this pattern.
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  3. Just quit, don't try e-cigs or gum or anything. They are not your friend. Get the hell away from other smokers for at least two weeks. Holiday if necessary.

    Imagine you have the flu or you are coming off heroin like in Trainspotting. Possibly write NO on the back of your hands should you go to a corner store. Don't look at the packets behind the counter at all, don't look at any cigarette ads. Your subconscious is not your friend. It will somehow make just having one seems like a good idea by day four.

    If you eat candy you might stay eating candy, bad for teeth and make you fat. Your insulin levels need to return to normal when not been altered by cigs, this will take ~six weeks in my experience. Sugar cravings are just a sign of this, eat a lot of salad and I found just roasted potato wedges were brilliant for giving me even energy but suppressing appetite.

    I know Max E. has me on ignore :), can't take the heat. But for anyone else.
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  4. Toothpicks. When I quit smoking, for the second time, some 33 odd years ago I had a toothpick in my mouth and/or hand just about every waking moment. It kind of mimicked the smoking function. That, and hard candy. Worked for me.
    It's not easy, but take my word for it, worth it.
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    Max E.

    Interesting with the toothpicks, ive been using popsicles as somewhat of the same thing..... just something to put in my mouth and get over the gitters.....
    thx for the tips dude!
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    Cigars, Vape or Donkey Shit Cigarettes, they sell them in TJ. Last resort go with a Lung Band, modeled after the Lap Band.
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    Just smack yourself hard in the face with your fist every time you think of lighting up. Associating huge pain with a bad habit causes your brain (which likes to avoid pain) to break the habit rather quickly.
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  8. Maybe use a long handled rake to step on? :)

    I still want one of these for ET.
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    Going to a well-established clinical hypnotherapist will support you. When it comes down to it your energy flows to whatever you focus upon. Your own will, determination and perseverance are your allies and eventually lead you to what will work for you.

    Ibogaine therapy is bio-chemically known to break the hardest and most stubborn addiction cycles.
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