Tips for Men #41, Avoiding a dud wife.

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  1. For you young guys here are some basic tips. Add any as you have em.

    How to avoid a dud wife. Add as you got them.

    #1 Avoid women with fake tits. Thats like buying a fake rolex but paying real rolex price. Women who put on fake tits are not marriage material for many reasons.

    #2 Avoid women with Trampstamps. That is like buying a ford taurus with 300K miles and burning oil. Yeah she might be able to suck the air out of a 2 liter coke bottle, suck the chrome off a ball hitch. But you do not want this as a wife. Yeah she is fun in Tijuana during spring break but remember catch and release.

    #3 Avoid women that love to drink a lot on happy hours. She might be fun at the bar and the free BJ at the parking lot sounds good but leave her at the parking lot at the back seat of your auto (or behind trash bin if you took the subway) after you shoot your load. Do not take home.

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    Best way to avoid a dud wife?

    Don't get married!
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    Sound wisdom.
  4. This might be the most valuable thread on ET in months.

  5. Love that !
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    Thatts the only way to avoid a dud wife, they all end up as duds eventually.

  7. Avoid her if on your first date she doesn't reach over and open the driver side door.

    If she orders the most expensive things on the first date, decide then and there that you are going to fck her in the ass at her place - and then wipe your cock on the curtains and LEAVE.

    Avoid her if on the first fck she didn't have the commonsense to fumigate and serendiptize both caves when she went to the bathroom as they usually do before the party begins.

    corollary of preceding para: after eating her out and then you kiss her and she gets grossed out by the noxious fumes of her own caves, dump the bitch on the spot, spank the monkey and forget about the whole thing asap.

    When you're fckin her, if after the 4th stroke you feel your dick is akin to being in an open widow, you have yet another 4 lane highway bitch - this is an american syndrome. Dump the cunt asap.

  8. WTF does a loose pussy have to do with the country you live in?

    Are you really that f**king stupid?

    Maybe your cock is just really small?

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    Yes, yes he is.
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    Oh wow!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D
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