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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by greenleaf, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. I just figured out that you can get entire threads on one page without having to hit the print button or be limited by the 40 per page. If you click a thread and add this to the end: &perpage=600&pagenumber=1 you can see everything. I was able to read the entire surf report in three pages. It only works if you paste it onto the end of the URL generated by clicking on the thread title, not the last post.

    -- DG
  2. youre a true hacker !! j/k :D
  3. lol I found it because I was reading the archives and they kept coming up as 5 per page even though my settings are for 40 per page. So I noticed in the URL it had a perpage setting of 5. I tried changing it to different numbers and it worked!

    Hopefully this isn't something Baron doesn't want us to do.
  4. cool shit , it does work , i just did it on the '' PATTERN , SO THESE REALLY WORK ?'' thread which is 17 pages and they all were on 1 page.

    nice !
  5. gta


    Cool! Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I changed the number from 600 to 800 and got the Surf Report in 2 pages. I tried getting Jack Hershey's humongous "the Stochastic Indicator" in one page, setting it to 5000 just for fun, but my connection's too slow - I hit the ET default timeout after 30 seconds of churning. But it was gonna happen.

    Nice trick, greenleaf. I do the same sort of thing with Yahoo Charts to get them to display the way I like. Just wish their charts were correct :p
  7. only one banner per thread :D
    this might cut in on barons $$
  8. Does this site have banners? I've got them all blocked in Mozilla.
  9. That is so funny. Nice work!

    I do the same thing with the charts on yahoo. I bookmarked my settings so I wouldn't have to hit "large chart... no logarithmic... candles..." every time.
  10. Don't mean to prolong this thread, but I discovered you can just type &perpage=nnn (where nnn is any number less than 5000, apparently) without the other pagenum parameter and it'll work. Makes it quicker to type.

    Happy 4th,

    Dickie Greenleaf
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