tip for all the bottom callers

Discussion in 'Trading' started by coolweb, May 22, 2006.

  1. Price takes 3-5-14 days to settle before ever jumping straight back up.
    The only time when price reverses quickly is the immediate next day after a big drop in price.

    It should only be a one time event, succession of 3-5 days selling is plain old selling out.
    Nobody will buy back their used car after they sold it 3 days earlier unless they are retarded.

    The market is never done selling, until <b>everybody is DONE. </b>

    Drive by tip from the coolweb.
    Good luck.
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    thanx from a learning newb,this site is full of lessons.Your analogy makes me feel foolish,but I've been known to miss the obvious.:)
  3. Yea - ur right. It's better to chase :) lol

  4. Good post.
  5. todays lows are the bottom for the next three months (spx, compx,indu)...timely thread
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    Why does it rally at 11:30 est when the european markets close?
  7. "Sell in May and Go Away"
  8. good post